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About 2nd-to-None Fleet Service

2nd-to-None Fleet Service is the second shop in the 2nd–to–None family. Our flagship shop, 2nd–to–None Service, opened in Moriarty in 2007 and still proudly serves the Torrance County community today. We are excited to be expanding with 2nd-to-None Fleet Service in Albuquerque, where we'll be better able to service more of our fleet customers’ needs––without the need to make the 40–mile drive to our Moriarty location.

2nd-to-None Fleet Service offers better prices, faster turnaround time, higher quality repairs, and far superior customer service than the dealerships. Our highly trained and ASE–certified technicians are dedicated and friendly, and our service writers will always greet you with a smile.

Our goal is to be the best diesel repair shop in the state of NM. To operate at the highest possible peak efficiency, and to provide the best customer service available, with the best quality repairs possible. To do this, we provide an honest, organized, and efficient work environment with people who are dedicated to excellence and integrity.

Many of our crew have worked at the dealerships and know the mistakes that dealerships make in regards to customer service. Why take your vehicle to the dealership when we can take care of all your fleet vehicle’s needs, with the best customer care?


The staff at our new location is still growing. Our exceptional team is certified and continuously undergoing training programs to keep themselves current on all the newest engines and ever–changing technology. Some of our certifications include the Diamond Logic Certification and Double Master Ford Certification.

David Saline – Owner

David, who has 21 years of experience, is ASE certified as a Medium/Heavy Duty Master Tech (Advanced Level Specialist). After working 15 years for the dealerships, David saw a need in the Moriarty community for a reliable, qualified service shop and opened 2nd–to–None Service. He plans to bring that same dedication to quality and customer service to 2nd-to-None Fleet Service in Albuquerque. He has more than 40 certifications, including: School Buses, ISX Cummins engines, Brake Systems, A/C Systems, & Electrical Systems. David is ranked in the Top 30 Diesel Technicians in the Nation [Technology & Maintenance Council 2011 SuperTech Competition]. David will personally ensure the job is done right the first time!

Kyle Williamson – Manager at 2nd-to-None Fleet Service

Has worked for the company for over three years now. He began with 2nd-to-None because He had a major interest in running a business of his own. He has gain a lot of valuable knowledge and skills. The owners trained and sent him to schooling to become the very capable manager he is today. Every day is full of new challenges and fun and exciting adventures. Kyle loves handling the difficult situations and creating a life long lasting relationship with the customers. There is not a problem with the semi trucks he can not handle or a situation with a customer that he will not handle with professionalism.

Alan Miramontes – Tech

Alan just graduated CNM Diesel Technical Training program. He chose this field because he loves how engines work. He loves to make vehicle faster. In the next 3 years he hopes to still be here at 2nd-to-None-Service and become a more certified technician and become more involved with the community. Alan had a natural ability and knowledge about vehicles. And wants to have a fast car of his own which he stays after work late every night working on his own projects. He loves engines!

Matthew Darley – Mechanic

Matthew joined the industry because the owners of 2nd-to-None Fleet Service, David and Lynnetta, gave him the opportunity to have a job resulting in a career. He did not have any training or education in the field at the time over 6 years ago. They treated him like family so, he stayed! Matt furthers his knowledge in the field with any and all training that comes his way. He has found that you can make a very good living at being a Diesel Technician. They have taught me the ins and outs of working on and rebuilding all types of diesel engines. There is not an engine that I can not rebuild now! Thank you David and Lynnetta for taking a chance with me!

Shawnna Boardman – Service Advisor at 2nd-to-None Fleet Service

Shawnna has had previous experience as a service writer with a Ford Dealership. She is very professional and capable of handling your questions. She is a member of the National Guard, loves volunteering where she can and enjoys spending time with her beautiful daughter. She plans to finish her degree and continue helping others. Come in and talk to her she can help you get your vehicle up and running correctly and driving down the road.

Lynnetta Rogers – Owner

Lynnetta grew up in the auto industry and has over 20 years of customer service and management experience. She has managed a variety of businesses and has a background in accounting, so she keeps the business organized and efficient. She is also an ASE–certified Parts Specialist and Customer Service Specialist. Lynnetta and David received the Master Elite of Shop Management award from Management Success! in 2013. This award signifies the shop maintains the highest level of management and has completed rigorous training. Outside of the shop, David and Lynnetta have 4 boys who keep them busy in the local sports. An active supporter of the community, she also plans all of the shop's charity involvement/contributions.

John Hambrick – Shop Manager

John has been working with 2nd to None Service for a year now. John is a Disable vet of the United States Coast Guard (2007). John chose this industry for his love of trucks, he also loves the puzzles and thinks it's fun and challenging to find the problems when things go wrong. John aspires to be fully ASE certified in Desiel Engines as well as Parts and Service Writing within the next 3 years. He hopes to get married and buy a house soon. Come in and Say "Hello" to John. He always has a smile waiting.

Michael Wayne – Technician

Michael is quiet and very diligent. He will stay on task until the job is done. Mike came into the industry because an Old Gentleman said that he could easily make 62,000 a year in the industry. Well you can but it is hard work! Every day is a new challenge and I enjoy getting these big rigs up and going on the road. In the next 3 years he hopes to have a management job here at 2nd-to-None-Service. Mike loves playing video games and sees the joy in living simply and being happy!

Koby Saline – Technician

Koby loves vehicles and notices every vehicle that comes into the lot. He Works very hard to keep the shop neat and clean. He picks up after all the techs and keeps the bays swept and mopped. There is always work to do after all Koby says, "The mechanics are messy!" He wants the opportunity to travel and see new places. Come in and say Hello to Koby!

Nicholas Ross – Mechanic

Nicholas came into the industry due to liking the people here. He was working as an outside sales person for nuts and bolts distributor. But loved visiting the shop and the people were always so happy and friendly. He found he was very good at sales so he decided to give us a try. He hopes to soon be a full time outside salesman for 2nd-to-none-service and help the business expand and thrive.