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Customer Reviews & Stories

Friendly, professional service. Thanks for going above and beyond to get my vehicle back on the road.

Lynetta R.

I visited this commercial fleet repair shop today. I met Dave Saline and Don Little. Both very experenced guys in professional repair of vehicles. Don Little has an extensive background in Machine shop service. He know his stuff about machine work quality for HD engines. Nice people very helpful.

Tim H.

My husband and I were on a road trip through New Mexico and our head gasket went out on our F250. We stopped by 2nd to None and was pleased to know that they could get us right in. Their Powerstroke guy, Mike, is awesome! We were impressed with his knowledge, skill and efficiency. Thanks 2nd to None Fleet Service!

Debbie J.

Very helpful!!! The owner was traveling and helped with my vehicle. Figured out the problem with my BMW 750 il that nobody else had spotted.

Bill P.

We are a touring band who needed an emergency repair to get to a show still 10 hours away. They did everything they possibly could to get us out of there quick as possible. They even helped deter us from parts shops trying to up-sell us things we shouldn't be putting in. Especially dangerous parts.

We also know they were legit because one of us is also a professional mechanic. He confirmed at the end that everything they said was true and the price was very reasonable.

Extras - The waiting room was very large with some couches. Hotel is literally right behind the shop if you're stranded like we were. Also, they were just cool guys to talk to.

Samuel I.

Awesome fast courteous Awesome Mechanic totally me on a Saturday afternoon.

Brent H.